Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As the Clock Winds Down...

While working on this post,
Nikki sent this picture of the latest
"on-the-spot" veggie!
The last Team Vegan Enewsletter is streaming through the intertubes.

In addition to plugging the last few hours to give to the Team, I wanted to be sure everyone saw this great quote from our good pal Kenny:

Worthwhile leafleting at the Coheed and Cambria concert. A staff member started joking about veganism and talking about human teeth, evolution, etc. Instead of getting into those debates, I just simply said, “This booklet isn’t about our teeth or whether humans can or cannot digest meat, it’s about the fact that every time we eat, we can make a choice to reduce suffering in the world – it’s that simple.” He agreed. For the rest of my leafleting, we’d chat when I’d finished a part of the line and he agreed with me about a lot of things.
—Team Vegan member Kenny Torrella, 4/30/11