Saturday, June 11, 2011

One Runner's Story

Team Vegan member Melissa Swanson put up this report of last year's marathon. An abbreviated excerpt:

At this point, Aaron informs me that there are goats coming up. Goats? What the heck? Did he say GOATS? AM I GOING CRAZY?! It was mile 20. My sanity is at low tide, people. And yeah, I think he just actually said goats.

And then there were goats!

No sooner did I see the goats (and say a very enthusiastic hello) did roosters start crowing. Then the cows saw me and started to moo. I was JAZZED. I started informing the cows and chickens, "Yeah, I'm Team Vegan! I'm running for you guys!!" *thumbs up to barnyard critters* *barnyard critters go ape and moo and crow like rockstars!* I take this as them cheering, thank them, and keep going. As soon as I'm out of the area, they go quiet again. Best part of the run.

I am on a farm animal cheering section induced high for the next two miles.

You can print more booklets by supporting Melissa here, and help her in the upcoming Portland marathon.