Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yeee-HAW! Doubled Doubling is ON!

Get this!
On top of the donors who have extended the Team Vegan matching campaign to $90,000, another donor has put up money for a double doubling challenge!
That’s right: now through June 30, every contribution you make to someone on Team Vegan will be immediately doubled, dollar for dollar!
And then, on July 1, that entire doubled amount will again be doubled by our incredible supporters John, Fany, Steve, and Steve!
Donate $50, and you’ll ultimately put $200 to work for the animals, reaching many, many new people who may never otherwise learn a compelling and complete case for compassion.
Among many, many others, Team Vegan includes such outstanding leafleters as Nikki “Hugs” BenoitEileen Botti,Jon “The Machine” CampJoe “Stop” EspinosaBrian “The” Grupe, & Darina Smith – all of whom would greatly appreciate if you were to support their efforts for the animals!
So please see our feedback page for what your donations accomplish, and then please click over to the Team’s page and take advantage of this great opportunity to change even more lives!
Thank you so much!