Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Animals, Not Arguments, Global Warming Edition

As discussed in greater length here, it is vitally important that our advocacy be based on what will make the most real-world difference for the animals, rather than what makes sense to us, or what seems to make veganism seem "better."

The dichotomy between what sounds good to vegans and the actual implications for animals are apparent with the global warming argument (as shown here).

This continues to play out, as seen in this latest post from the Environmental Working Group, which our friend Bruce labels: "Environmentalists -- Eat More Chicken."

As discussed in the above links, we understand the reaction of, "But veganism is best for global warming!" Again, the bottom line isn't our reaction / interpretation -- rather, what matters is how things play out in the real world. Only a handful of people are motivated by "best;" for almost everyone, "better" is good enough.

We can't continue to present arguments that, while compelling to vegans, lead to people eating more animals.We have to understand human nature and advocate appropriately for the animals.