Saturday, July 2, 2011

Belated Post

Not sure how I missed this back at the end of April, but here is Jon's summary of his latest tour:

The trip is now finished and I spent last night in my bed for my first time in 60 days. Total stats for tour, with volunteers helping tremendously: 42 schools leafleted, 43,044 students reached, 9,365 miles driven. Thunderous applause goes out to all of you who housed me, who leafleted with me, and to everyone who continues to see the great value of smart, focused outreach to youth, by supporting this work financially.

While driving home yesterday, I was listening to a radio interview with Raymond Arsenault, author of Freedom Riders, a book about those who headed into the south in the '60s to challenge racial segregation in interstate transport. While noting that some of these activists suffered life-long injuries from being assaulted (e.g. brain damage, confinement to wheelchair from injury-related stroke), the author mentioned that those he interviewed had no regrets about taking part in this work, that it was seen as "the moment of their lives."

While leafleting colleges is, of course, less risky than what civil rights activists had to face, being involved in this work has certainly been "the moment" of my life, and I'm assuming that many of you feel the same way -- that when all is summed up about how we lived our lives, the most important factor for many of us will be that when it would have been easy to take the route of comfort and conformity, we risked ridicule and antagonism, and gave up some comforts, to speak out against a great injustice, taking the side of the vulnerable. Thanks so much to all of you who continue to fight the good fight on behalf of animals!

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