Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 4 Story

Quote within a quote; from Carla and Bryan Wilson:

We handed out 1600 CCs last night at a July 4th festivity in Altamonte Springs. Julia and Olivia Gros joined us; it was their first time and they had a blast! I asked her to send me a blurb of how she thought it went:

Today was the first time my 11 year old daughter [above] and I had been a part of a Vegan Outreach leafleting event. We both had an amazing experience and were blown away by the number of people we were able to share this important information with. We are both rather introverted people, and had no real idea of what to expect from the day, but were able to reach out to 750 people, spreading the idea of compassion toward all creatures! One leaflet recipient, after paging through the information, walked back to me in order to thank me with a hug, and several others were overheard as they walked on, remarking on their own vegetarian choices! We look forward to more fantastic opportunities to be a voice for all sentient beings at future events!