Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Story & Team Vegan Pic

Leslie Goldberg: "Another VO volunteer -- Lori Atkinson -- and I went to the big farmer's market in San Francisco at the Ferry Building on Saturday. We handed out 170 in 40 minutes and, as far as we could see, there were no throw-aways.

"I didn't know about these torturous conditions for farm animals until two years ago after seeing Food, Inc. It's the worst thing I've ever witnessed and I later learned that movie was quite bland compared to what is really going on. But I walked out of the theater stunned, saying to my husband I would never eat chicken or anything with eggs in it again.

"I've been so happy to find Vegan Outreach so I could finally do something. It has helped relieve me of that terrible sick feeling I get in my stomach thinking about what is happening to millions of animals at that very moment.

"(It's also helped me to not to focus so much on trying to persuade my friends and family to go vegan, which, btw, has absolutely not worked.)"

Caroline Jones and friend.