Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Understanding Reality for Optimal Advocacy

Those of us concerned about animals often have an unrealistic view of what motivates our fellow citizens. For example, we sometimes think the main driving force for people's dietary choices is optimal health (or, we think it should be), and thus advocate low-fat / whole-foods / raw hyper-healthy foods.

But regardless of what people say, reality clearly shows this isn't the case.

In this "funny" segment, Jon Stewart gives the 2011 update to "Got Health?"

It is important we recognize this reality, if we are going to have the biggest impact possible for the animals.

And somewhat related, be sure you've taken a few minutes to read Ginny's article, "Being Picky About Vegan Nutrition."

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No obesity here! Jon Camp reaches out for the animals
at the Kansas City Warped Tour stop. Nick Cooney and
David Coman-Hidy are in the background.