Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feedback and Pictures Thursday

Steve corrects my math:

I love the message of your August 3rd Enewsletter, but you're understating the value of Jack's book. Your math is wrong. If you could increase the number of permanent vegetarians from 25% to 100% of initial converts, that would be four times as many vegetarians, not three times.

Ron writes:

That is amazing that VO has produced 15 million booklets!  Also that it is translating into the huge increase in numbers of vegetarians and vegans is really encouraging.  And which shows how the steady, patient, one person at a time approach is really paying off.  

Jon and Aaron pass along these recent Tweets:

those pamphlets they hand out at warped make me wanna be vegan omg

reading the booklets on animal cruelty that i got from Warped. going vegan starting now

Alexandra Paul chattin it up with Santa Monica kids!

Allison Back and pal model new Team Vegan shirt.