Friday, August 19, 2011

Feedback Friday

From a member who had been nervous about leafleting:

I read your activist's handbook, listened to a couple of your interviews, and read a few of your essays and they totally inspired me to try and just go for it. Thank you so much!

And from someone who had initially ordered Why Vegans, after they read Nick Cooney's review of the relevant psychological research:

Another member of my Vegan group mentioned ordering Compassionate Choices in order have a more palatable booklet available (I'm less eager to employ cuteness in my own vegan outreach than she is) but I guess it didn't really sink in 'til now that even a small advantage in overcoming emotional resistance is worthwhile... I like the overall feel of Why Vegan, but go ahead and change [the order to] Compssionate Choices and Even If You Like Meat.

Nikki sends this picture of a Long Beach
Community College student engrossed
in learning the truth.