Monday, August 29, 2011

Sizzling Summer!

Thought the heatwaves across the country were caused by global warming?

Au contraire!

Vegan Outreach activists have been burning it up this summer, seeking out concerts, festivals, walk-a-thons, and any other location where they can find interested people.

As of August 28, activists have reached 530,105 individuals at these various summer venues.

That's right, over half-a-million new people!

Warped Tour leafleting has also set amazing new records. Initial numbers from our leafleters put WT outreach at 331,882 – nearly as many as 2010's summer overall total (360,577).
Last week at the College of Alameda, Brian met Caitlin,
who has been vegan since getting a VO booklet at Warped 2010.
Old hands were joined by a slew of new leafleters, making every WT stop a life-changing – and life-saving – event for countless new people! Requests for Vegan Outreach's Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating have poured in via texts, messages, and on-line!

Congratulations to the amazing activists who have been on fire for the animals!

A sample from the latest batch of Guide requests:

I was at Warped and someone happened to be handing out brochures. It was pure luck that I put it in my bag. When I got home, I read it, and now I am really looking forward to this!
—CF, Sun City, AZ, 8/8/11

I was walking out of Warped and I was handed a booklet. I always thought it would be interesting to try being a vegan and after doing some research, now's the time.
—JT, Litchfield, IL, 8/4/11
More new compassionate folks!

Someone gave me a booklet outside of a concert. Thank you for making me aware about what's going on.
—VM, Belton, TX, 7/25/11

I got your booklet at the Warped Tour. It was truly inspiring.
—SG, Kingsport, TN, 7/29/11

At the Marysville Warped stop, Kitty, Crystal, Jeni, John, Lauren,
Brian, Vic, and Anthony celebrate reaching over 7,500 new people.
Warped Tour! I realized I can be cruelty free. I'm ready!
—BP, Salt Lake City, 8/8/11