Monday, September 5, 2011

AAC Storms Into New Term!

Last Fall, hundreds of activists handed Vegan Outreach booklets directly to 658,639 students (just a few hundred short of an all-time record) at a record 843 different schools!

In the Spring, activists had an even more amazing term, smashing the record by reaching 690,074 students!

(Thanks, as always, to everyone who contributed to Vegan Outreach's 2010 End-of-Year fundraiser, which enabled us to print and ship all those booklets. Without your contributions, our incredible leafleters wouldn't have been able to reach so many new people!)

Brian met Julia last week at San Jose State;
she has been vegan for a year, ever since getting an Even If.

And in the current term — as of only Labor Day! — activists have already reached over 100,000 students at over 100 different schools (page won't be fully updated until tomorrow). Nikki, our resident crazy-armed (or is she somehow quadruple-armed?) SoCal coordinator is over 30,000 already (!!!). Even Jack is over 1,000!

We say this a lot, but it is absolutely true: all of this really is only accomplished with all of us working together — all the donors and all the leafleters. Every one of us should be absolutely thrilled with these amazing numbers — congrats to everyone!