Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two Reports from the Past Few Hours

Bloom wrote last night:

At Santa Rosa Jr college this morning, a guy [Brian] offered me your booklet. I was late for class and went by without picking it up, but I saw the cover, was intrigued, after class and went to get one.

I have to tell you that I cried all the way home! Yes, I had read about these slaughterhouses and bad conditions before, but for some reason YOUR booklet hit home! I couldn't ignore it anymore.

And you are right: don't make a total commitment to being a vegan and then stop because it's too hard. It's better to gradually eat less and less meat and keep THAT commitment.

I know now that my changes will come -- you are so right. I want to encourage you to keep handing out booklets at schools -- it works!

And while still in the field at Citrus College today, Nikki phones in this picture of a new vegan as of 8am:

And this woman, who has been vegetarian for five months since getting a booklet from Nikki on her last visit to Citrus!