Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Labels for Action

In the Facebook discussion of the Vegan Club vs Vegan World post, the following comments were worth passing along:

Bonnie Shulman: I want to repeat this most excellent phrase: I want a vegan world, not a vegan club. Facebook has turned into a vegan club. Same people, same words/pictures. That's why I believe that Vegan Outreach is more important for animals than FB or Twitter, and why I donate whenever possible.

Josh James (pictured): I self identify as an animal advocate, not a vegan advocate. Vegan is just a word. Suffering is real, and suffering matters.

Colleen Eren: Josh--I like your distinction. Veganism has the danger of becoming cultish, with exclusivity and parsing of distinctions amongst "better" vegans. But if we say we're animal advocates it takes the attention away from US and to those beings that are suffering.