Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Miscellany

Encourage Subway to add Tofurky! (corrected link)

Feedback from Sally:
Your booklet has CHANGED MY LIFE. Out of the blue, a sweetheart passed me Compassionate Choices...which I nearly declined, but changed my mind & am so thankful I did....I had NO IDEA how appalling the situation still is....I am a converted vegan...funny how things turn out.

Feedback from Jessica to Brian, after leafleting De Anza College:
A fantastic day!! My favorite conversation was with the campus policeman who approached me and gestured at his copy (yes I had leafleted him) of Even If You Like Meat, and indicated that the public needs to know this information.
My second favorite conversation was with an older woman who asked for additional copies of EIYLM for her friends and told me "I love you guys!!"
Also, a veg professor and librarian stopped to offer us encouragement and rave about Vegan Outreach.
I can't count the number of students who thanked me for the leaflet - so polite and friendly!
Thank you, Brian, for making this happen.

Katie Pryor informs another student at CUNY Kingsborough Community College