Monday, November 28, 2011

Feedback and More Gateway Community College

I'm continually inspired by the advocacy highlighted here.... Vegan Outreach is one area of hope in our country that I am so grateful to be a part of. It is not only the content, but also the tone and framing of the message that keeps me engaged and interested in the work being done. Congrats and thanks for all your work!
—Jim, 11/25/11

You can be a part of this work, too, and bring about more of this:

Kathleen had no clue how animals were treated;
now wants to be a vegetarian! 
Carlos says: "I'm vegetarian because it's wrong
how they treat animals."
Harley is now interested in going veg!
And finally, for Ruby, John reports:
I leafleted her before her class; when she came out after class she walked by and said that it made her so sad. We spoke for about five minutes. She began crying a little and saying that these were God's creatures. Ruby told me that she'd pray for them, so I took it a step further and made it clear that she could also directly impact these animals by striding towards a veg diet. She seemed very excited that she could do something about it.