Monday, November 7, 2011

Reaching the 49%

Congrats to Erik for this excellent catch:

Only 51% of Americans Adamantly have “No Problem” Eating Meat & Dairy

That means almost exactly half of the population are willing to question the standard American diet!

Paul was at the conference where these results were presented, and noted: “In its summary of concerns Americans were offered, 'humane treatment of farm animals' ranked higher than obesity, environmental sustainability in farming, global warming, and having enough food to feed poor nations.”

As we write here:

Instead of wishing for a different world, we must honestly evaluate the world as it currently is, and then do our very best to reduce as much suffering as possible. We must reach and influence the people who might be willing to go vegan; reach and influence people who might be willing to go vegetarian; reach and influence the people who won’t (now) go veg, but who might stop buying meat from factory farms – and help support all of these people as they continue to evolve as consumers.
Outreach efforts to all of these people are necessary if we are to help a large and diverse society evolve to a new ethical norm. This is why Vegan Outreach produces a range of literature to make everyone and anyone, in any situation, the most effective advocate for animals possible.... Each step brings the animals’ interests to light, making people consider the otherwise hidden reality behind the meat they eat. There is no other way to go from a carnivorous society, where farmed animals have virtually no protection, to a vegan society where they have near-total protection.

Congratulations to everyone out there, every day, making this happen!

After getting booklets from Brian, these three Shasta College
all committed to changing their diets!