Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanks, Theo!

With the clothes I just cleaned, I found one of the plastic ties used to hold together leaflets. Each one of these ties holds together a set of 50 leaflets, which go into 50 unsuspecting hands with a simple message, "info about our food system," and 50 different people are given a persuading argument for why we ought to cut back on (or hopefully, give up) meat consumption. During the four days I took off work last week, I removed roughly 80 of these ties (and Brian did the same). We both had dozens of conversations with numerous individuals, and without a doubt influenced countless decisions as a result. If you care about animals at all, Vegan Outreach is doing the most effective work to reduce their suffering, and I encourage everyone to volunteer or donate to this excellent organization.
—Theo Summer (below)

And today, your support of Theo's efforts can go twice as far!