Friday, December 9, 2011

Feedback Friday

Received over email last night:

On my campus today, I received one of your booklets. I just wanted to say thank you for avoiding shock-value photos. I find it much easier to listen to points an organization tries to make when the "thousand-words-per-picture" noise from gruesome photographs. It isn't often that one finds an organization willing to not only make rational arguments that can stand on their own, but also to provide suggestions and clear paths to take. Not only that, but you guys are REASONABLE, as is exemplified in your statement "'s more important to take an approach you can sustain."

Being rational and reasonable are two qualities that are hard to find. Seriously. Before Thanksgiving break, some people from [a different campaign] came to our campus with all their disgusting photography and irrational arguments and extreme viewpoints and ugh. They had the complete opposite affect they wanted to have on me.

Thank you for being a voice of reason. We could use more organizations like you in our world.
Nikki spied two Saddleback College students
deeply engrossed in learning the truth.