Wednesday, December 21, 2011

From Today's Enewsletter

Please pass along today's Enewsletter to anyone you know who is concerned with animals. We hope the graph will show them that they really can make a difference.

Here is the lead section:

The brutality of factory farms and industrial slaughterhouses is far from public view, hidden behind walls both physical and psychological.

The cruelty to chickens, turkeys, and pigs that occurs on factory farms is every bit as horrible as any act of barbarism inflicted on other animals.

Even worse, this brutality is on a scale that vastly exceeds all other acts of cruelty to animals.

Every day, agribusiness is ruthlessly pursuing profit through their factory farms and slaughterhouses.

That is why Vegan Outreach strives to be as relentless for the animals as big ag is ruthless to the animals.

Every single day, we focus single-mindedly on having the greatest impact possible.

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