Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pragmatism Pays

VO’s approach, simultaneously pragmatic and forward-thinking, focuses on engaging those who are deemed most open to lifestyle changes: namely, the young, and, in particular, college students. Perhaps more importantly, its philosophy extends well beyond mere “vegan” outreach as a practical recognition of how vital it is to meet people where they are, not where animal advocates want them to be.
—VegNews, “The Road to Vegetopia”

Fred Tyler recently passed along this story, illustrating the power of this “focus on the first step” approach (for more discussion, see Nick Cooney's research):

At Central Lakes College, one guy passing by after reading the booklet said, “I'm more compassionate than you might think. Though I'm glad you said reduce, cause I like pork.” Later as he passed again, without any prompting he said, “I'm a humanitarian. I can give up pork. I know I can.”

If you believe in VO's pragmatic and forward-thinking approach, please give a special contribution to the matching challenge!

Another serving of truth and compassion before another set of eyes:
Brian at City College of San Francisco.