Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Striking at the Root

Today's Enewsletter leads with a good summary of Vegan Outreach's approach. But I think it is more important for everyone concerned with animals always to keep in mind Thoreau's insight:

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the roots.

As discussed in the VO History and Letter to a Young Matt, we did, originally, hack wildly at the branches, doing something, doing anything.

But early on, we realized the fundamental truth: When we choose to do one thing, we're choosing not to do another. And we were, ultimately, spinning our wheels.

Or, as we wrote in 2001:

If we were the animal exploiters, our ultimate plan would be to keep caring, compassionate people focused only on the immediate and short term: rescuing individual animals and protesting relatively small-scale cases of abuse. Since animal advocates have very limited resources compared to the industries they protest, compassionate people will never be a threat to the status quo as long as they fail to address society’s fundamental attitude toward animals – namely, that animals exist for humans to use.

Instead of directly fighting exploiters, we recognized that we must change society's view of animals at a fundamental level, even though this required long-term person-to-person outreach.

Of course, we realize most people will give to the familiar, the immediate, and/or the sensational.

But more and more of us aren't satisfied with a world that seems a little less bad. We want a world that is fundamentally different, where animals aren't viewed as food.

And we are putting our hours and our dollars into driving this change by reaching more people.

Because of your thoughtful and dedicated support, we are seeing record numbers of people learning the truth and taking action for the animals. Every day, we're seeing more and more people open their hearts and minds daily, going on to influence others, and creating fundamental change.

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Thanks for being a part of this powerful and necessary work! I hope you enjoy today's Enewsletter.