Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Cost of Eating Animals

Recently, Vegan Outreach received a phone message from someone who had been presented with the "health argument" from her school's vegan group. Her message said eating vegan is too expensive, and we should just promote healthy diets people can afford. They left their email address, so I replied:

Thanks so much for your call.

Obviously, if beans, lentils, and other non-animal sources of protein were more expensive than animal flesh, poor people would eat more meat than rich people. But that is obviously not the case.

There is a bit more here:

If I can, I'd like to share a bit of my own experience. For several years, I survived on about $7,000 a year, and maintained a healthy vegan diet. I was motivated to do so because the huge ethical cost of supporting factory farms / consuming the flesh of animals -- individuals who wanted to live.

In short, I couldn't consider myself a good person if I didn't live truly ethically.

I hope this better explains our position. Every day, more and more people are joining with us and living true to their ethics.

To which she replied:

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my message -- I find your cause much more inspiring now! When I return to school, I will provide the vegan activist group with your information!