Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From a Batch of Starter Guide Requests

Morgan Faulconer, Brian Grupe, and Jackiie DeLexa Cano at the College of the Sequoias.

A guy handed me a booklet at UNF, so I read it. I'm glad I did, otherwise I would have probably never known the shocking facts. Thank you!

I saw a booklet about the cruelties of factory farming laying on a table by chance. It changed my life.

My girlfriend is vegan, but I'm a meat eater. At her University, she received your booklet and gave it to me. After reading it, it is finally able to pull me down from the fence. I'm going to try changing my diet. Thank you for providing this information.

Was handed a booklet at Disneyland, and haven't eaten meat ever since, trying to do even better than that. :) Thank you.

There were brochures going around Merced College and thought it would be a good experience to try something new. I'm against animal cruelty 100%.

I was walking from class to my car and found one of your booklets on the floor. I was picking it up to throw it away but then I saw what it was and kept it.

I received a booklet on compassionate eating while waiting outside a venue before a concert. It made me cry.

I was on my campus and was handed a booklet. I always wanted to go vegan I just never knew how to get started. Thanks so much!

Received a booklet from a friend about a year ago. Loved it! Inspires me to become vegan. :)

My daughter received a booklet on campus, and I was very interested in the contents. I'm looking at going vegan and this was helpful.