Friday, February 24, 2012

Jon, John, and Parker

Mr. Camp relates:

Big day. I met Parker and John in Takoma Park this morning at 6:45am and dropped them back off roughly a half day later. But in that half day, a lot was accomplished, including getting a future sponsor at York College. We reached over 1,750 more students at both schools!

At Millersville University, we nearly doubled the previously held all-day record. Some of the encounters we had:

• A pair of young women stopped by to say that they read the booklet and are both going vegetarian as a result.

• A dude stopped by to say that he used to be veg, had gone back to eating meat, but that the booklet was going to push him to go back to being veg.

• A young woman said that she would not be able to go completely veg, but, as a result of the booklet, was pledging to cut back on her meat consumption.

A great day!