Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A New Hope


I've just read A Meaningful Life. I am a vegan, and, finding myself an angry one, I googled 'angry vegan' and was led to the reference in your article.

Thank you! For all you've obviously done in your life to help animals, and for your support and wisdom in this article which has helped me transform anger into determination and even optimism.

Of course you are right, being angry isn't going to help the animals. I  know that, but hearing your clear logic, hearing your passion directed at raising awareness, has really helped me feel there's someone out there who cares, and who has learnt to focus that care in a way that's actually useful for the animals.

I used to be active, but I gave up...believing it was useless. Despair overwelmed me. Your article has given me hope and I will now begin leafletting again, knowing that 5% will get it. Even if its just 1%, it's worth doing.

The other thing you helped me see is that holy grail of finding the elusive key to opening the hearts and minds of all people, magically transforming them and releasing animals from suffering overnight...isn't going to happen. But slow steady focused campaiging to raise awareness, will help to bring change about in the world.

For years I've thought the same as you, that first there was abolition of slavery, then children were protected from exploitation and women given the vote...now its time to release the animals. But I didn't know that democracy was first considered 2,000 years ago, and yet it took till the last century till these changes came about.. Its helped me because now, as I patiently leaflet outside colleges, I can feel that even if it takes 2,000...we will get there.

Though, I do have a great hope that it will take far less time than that.

Feeling so much gratitude to you. Feeling energised, hopeful, determined,