Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Example

Monday, I passed along a personal comment regarding people who insist everyone must believe exactly what they believe about food (politics, etc.). Or, to use Jonathan Safran Foer's term, they insist on the last step from everyone, rather than focusing on getting people to consider the first step.

That same day, Ellen wore one of her Team Vegan shirts to track practice, prompting  comments and questions from some of the new girls. One said, "I thought about being vegan, but I just love meat too much." Instead of saying how much meat stinks or how healthy raw whole foods are, Ellen, anticipating yesterday's advice ("Give people what they want"), started extolling various types of vegetarian meats, the reactions meat eaters have to them (e.g., POW in today's Enewsletter) and where they can be purchased. Her teammate grew increasingly intrigued -- clearly primed for taking a first step toward cruelty-free choices!