Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feedback, W. Conn

Karen reports from Western Connecticut State:
Kylee, the student in the black shirt, went vegetarian 9/22/2007,
after receiving a Compassionate Choices. She is now working on vegan.
The other three students said that they were going to cut their consumption of animal products in half.

Brian passes along this recent feedback:

At my community college, Oxnard, approaching the bus stop a young woman asked my friend and me if we loved animals. We said yes and she handed us brochures Compassionate Choices. Her question made the difference, I wouldn't have looked at it otherwise. She didn't give me a guilt trip, and was friendly. I didn't feel pressured, I just feel I want to try this.

Through a pamphlet passed out around my school, I have been a proud vegetarian for about 6 months now!