Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good News / Important News

Society continues to recognize and reject agribusiness' treatment of animals:

Another significant victory in the fight to ban sow gestation crates: Compass Group USA—whose U.K. parent company is the largest food service company in the world—announced that it plans to eliminate the crates from its U.S. pork supply chain by 2017.

And, if we want to keep the momentum going, we have to understand why people backslide from avoiding animal products. We previously discussed the motivations of former vegetarians. Now, Jack draws our attention to a study of people who stopped being "animal product limiters." The main reason cravings for meat; the top three were all unhappiness with their diet.

So instead of trying to insist people stop craving meat and instead eat raw veggies and organic quinoa (and, as the data shows, driving them back to the standard American diet), give people what they want!