Monday, March 12, 2012

Great Bittman Bit and Personal Note

Mark Bittman has a great follow-up to his wonderful video. Also see Erik's comment.

A quick personal note: Often, when we post positive news like this, some vegans will react negatively, with comments like, "I don't want processed food," or "People shouldn't even want vegetarian meat!"

Obviously, no one is saying any vegan has to eat any particular product. That isn't the issue, though. As we've long pointed out, since we vegans won't ever eat any animals, only current meat-eaters are in a position to help animals in the future. So we shouldn't be looking for events that specifically make us happy, but news that will move those who are currently eating animals to eating fewer or no animals, helping society progress as we want and need it to.

The simple fact is anything that makes veg eating easier and more familiar will increase the number of people willing to take the necessary first step, thus sparing more animals from the horrors of factory farms and industrial slaughterhouses, and further bend the arc of history toward justice.

It is understandable we would each prefer everyone else have the exact same views we do about animals, meat, whole foods, exercise, smoking, drinking, nature, politics, economics, religion, technology, family, education, etc.

But for the reasons outlined here, Vegan Outreach is focused single-mindedly on the animals.


If we waver and want to promote something regarding politics (or religion, etc.), we simply review our lit, or take four minutes to watch this. And we remember the animals' are counting on us to take their case to everyone -- not just people who vote or worship as we do.

That is the bottom line of every decision made every day: helping the most animals possible by changing society as broadly and quickly as possible.