Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Four (Hundred Thousand)

Jon posts to Adopt a College:
Yesterday was a special day. Vic Sjodin, a road warrior amongst road warriors, handed out his 400,000th booklet for Vegan Outreach.... While 400k could only be accomplished by someone with immense dedication and stamina, the number itself only scratches the surface of Vic's impact. It's very often that I'll call him up and say, "Vic, I'm at such and such school. What should my strategy be?" He'll then, without a moment's pause, say something like: "If you're looking at the northeast side of campus, go about 50 yards, take a left, and then you'll see a walkway..." And he's usually spot-on, for a school he was last at, say, two years ago! And there are always new volunteers itching to help out, thanks to Vic winning them over and recruiting them. It's this combination of relentlessness, selflessness, smarts, and a super-warm personality that draws so many towards him, that makes Vic one of the most effective advocates out there.

From Vic's post about the leafleting session that put him over 400k:

One girl mentioned getting a booklet last year from Jon and went vegan, she then got her friend to go vegan, and they continue to effect their family and others. From this one booklet, many can go veg. Reminds me of stories of people who go veg then their entire familes and so on, so that was very awesome. Met three girls who wanted to start a club. We put them in contact. One girl from a well-off family wanted to know how she could donate money. She got VO's website and my contact info and thankfulness. I explained the team effort VO is, from donors to leafletters to staff  - one organism that can't work without all other parts.