Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Phil Letten for the Win

Phrom Phil:
Phil has the last laugh.

At the Detroit Warped Tour in 2009 a cop wrote me a ticket for leafleting. The ACLU represented me. 2.5 years later the lawsuit is over. The total amount won was $20,000. The money was split evenly between me, the other person whose lawsuit was filed the same time as mine, and the ACLU.

The Police Department also received new training on the following subjects:

Training Directive 1: First Amendment Right to Distribute Non-Commercial Pamphlets and Handbills

Training Directive 2: Retaliation For Exercising First Amendment Rights

Training Directive 3: Enforcement of Loitering Ordinances (this had more to do with the other guy's lawsuit)

Training Directive 4: Acceptance of Complaints from Individuals With Pending Charges