Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Biggest Day for Jon / WV

From Jon Camp:

Monster day of outreach with so many stellar folks helping out -- John, Nina Gonzalez, Joe Gonzales (below), Tori Stipcak, Whitney Metz, Caty Metz, and Brian Ornduff. We reached over 4,800 students at West Virginia U! It was the biggest day of outreach in WV history and the biggest day of college outreach that I've ever taken part in.

The trip was a wild and fun 55 hours with just shy of 8,000 booklets handed out, over 500 miles driven, a flat tire, and me ending up worn down and sick. All for the animals!

From John Oberg:

What an epic day of outreach at WVU! Within four minutes of leafleting, Joe and I came across two vegetarians and a vegan. Met tons of vegetarians, a handful of vegans, and even more people touched that we were out there. Much encouragement coming from the Mountaineers. Heard from several people that they appreciated the "eat less meat" approach. Even came across a couple people that said the leaflet made them cry -- definitely Guided them.

Had great conversations with one woman who was tabling for a Relay For Life event. She said her 14-year-old watched a video on farm animal cruelty and has toyed with veganism for the last year. After reading the VO booklet, she said she now knows why he wanted to go vegan and would encourage him. She even agreed to get her family to participate in Meatless Mondays, in exchange for me putting on bright red lipstick and kissing her poster board. It was a good trade. Also, she was happy to hear about the eat-less-chicken approach as a means to reduce animal suffering and was excited to receive a Guide.
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