Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catching Up On News

Ginny answers New York Times / Planck.

Reed answers New York Times / Planck.

Ginny in LA Times.

Burger King to Eliminate Battery Cages and Gestation Crates

The Ultimate Study of Red Meat and Mortality

Jane Smiley reporting from Xavier University (above: students reading booklets from her):
All students were very appreciative. Best exchange:
Me: Information on animal cruelty?
Two women: Yes! Great!
Woman 1: And does this have recipes?
Me: Well, if you'd like recipes, I'll give you these (handing them Guides).
Woman 2: Vegan recipes? Great! 

I thought this conversation was hopeful because my opening line only mentions "animal cruelty" and not veganism or the meat industry or anything of the like. So these two women at least made the connection right away between cruelty, compassionate choices, and their food...and they were so enthusiastic about getting the information and the recipes.