Friday, April 27, 2012

Feedback Friday

From a recent batch of Guide requests:

My good friend gave me your booklets, and after reading through them, I have no desire to eat animal products anymore.
—LD, Vero Beach, FL, 3/21/12

Got your booklet at Sinclair Community College and decided it's time to make the switch to vegan.
—AB, Kettering, OH, 4/10/12

My boyfriend had your booklet and I read the entire thing immediately. I am making it my mission to spread this awareness and to get people to ask themselves, "Should we be better?" Thank you for giving me this inspiration!
—SC, Pittsburgh, PA, 4/3/12

 I have friend who took a trip to New York, who was a handed a booklet by someone on the subway. When she returned, she gave it to me. After reading it I immediately became interested and concerned.
—KC, Dickson, TN, 4/2/12

John saw this student at Hartwick College
stopped dead in his tracks reading an Even If.