Saturday, May 26, 2012

Belated Congrats for Lana!

Once again, I've fallen down on the job. Earlier this year, Lana Smithson reached her 100,000th person with a Vegan Outreach booklet!

Congratulations, Lana -- amazing work!

One of her stories:

What a day at Southern Maine Community College! A hunter came over to thank me for the information. He said he doesn't buy any store-bought meat because he doesn't agree with factory farming. He was very nice and wished me luck with my outreach. Later, another hunter (who called himself a "big-time" hunter) said that the information in the leaflet looked interesting. He politely asked for a 2nd leaflet to show to a friend. A man who looked like a faculty member walked by and said, "People ARE reading that!" A different man who also looked like a faculty member smiled and said, "Ah yes." A girl said the leaflet was being discussed in her class. A different girl said, "This is great! I'm writing a paper about this topic." Two people in cars stopped, rolled down their windows and asked for a leaflet. A cheerful vegan girl thanked me for being there and said, "Don't ever get discouraged if people are mean. You're doing a good thing. I know the cruelty information is difficult and can 'smother the soul,' but keep up the good work." A man (who earlier stopped to talk about the discouraging disconnection people have from food production) gave thumbs up and said, "Persevere!"