Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Links & Feedback

Hey, Maryland: Great Sage Benefit for VO on June 10!

Battery hens and sow stalls to be banned soon in Tasmania

Feedback from Jeanette:

I received the booklets and today I handed some out to my classmates in my biology class. I was pleased to look around the classroom and see some people reading them, and hear the gasps when they read the shocking facts.
I had been thinking about giving up meat for awhile because I knew that the animals did not have a good life. But, as I'm sure you hear all the time, I was shocked and deeply disturbed when I learned of this atrocious and inexcusable behavior. So giving up meat and eggs was a no-brainer.
I like the approach you guys take, instead of condemning everyone who eats meat, you are reaching out in a way that will change many minds. In the future I plan on ordering more pamphlets to hand out at my school.