Sunday, May 13, 2012

Your Donations at Work

Brian Grupe passes along these comments from requests for the Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating:

I received a booklet at my community college on Tuesday, and I have decided that i want to help reduce animals suffering by going vegan.

I just saw the booklet at my college, so I want to try vegan. I don't like the abuse.

I got the booklet at a bus stop. Life changing!

I received the Compassionate Choices booklet in 2009 at my college and became a vegetarian. Received another booklet this year and decided to research and pass the word around. Thank you!!

I was handed a booklet on campus, and I have now been a vegetarian for almost 3 months. I'm planning on making this a life-long decision!

I walked into class (where I am actually writing a paper on the negative effects of slaughterhouses) and the booklet was on the table.

People were handing out informational booklets on campus. I read it and it really is so shocking! :(

I got a really helpful booklet at a local music festival about a year ago. Although I just recently went vegan, about 3 weeks ago, I had always saved the booklet. It was definitely persuasive, and was a definite contributing factor into my decision to go vegan.

Brian also sends this picture of Clifton Stone
at San Francisco University.