Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Watching the Arc of History Bend

Monday, we showed graph of the decline in animal consumption by animal type. Above is the overall graph, showing just how steep the decline has been.

We often talk of the arc of history, which we each bend toward justice with our work for the animals.

Above, we can actually see it bend.

Because of this decline, over a billion fewer animals have been raised in the torturous conditions of factory farms, compared to a continuation of the peak level.

Because of this decline, over a billion fewer animals have died horrible deaths in industrial slaughterhouses.

It is very simple: You can drive this down even further with a contribution to Team Vegan today!

By giving today, you can put the matching money to work for the animals.

By giving today, you can immediately double your donation, dollar-for-dollar, and then double it again on Sunday!

Our work together depends on your support. How many people stop eating animals depends on your support.

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Your support will bend the curve -- further toward justice!