Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thanks, and Why

As of this posting, there are 8.5 hours left to contribute to Team Vegan. Thanks so much to everyone who has been gathering up last-minute donations!

The great John Oberg sent along this picture from the latest Warped stop:

Emily (left) went vegetarian a year ago to the day as a result of getting a leaflet from us last year at Warped! Her friend Melissa was really interested after Emily talked about it and said she would read it.

This is why VO has emphasized giving to Team Vegan so much: your donations change lives! Emily and Melissa wouldn't have gotten these booklets if not for generous donations in the past. And your donations to Team Vegan 2012 will change more lives in the future -- people who otherwise may never have learned the truth behind their food choices.

This is a long way of say: Thank you for your support! Every time you give, you make a difference.