Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two Simple Reasons to Support Team Vegan


Following the success of Team Vegan 2011, Vegan Outreach leafleters reached a then-record 881,191 students at 918 schools during Fall 2011 -- 27% more students reached than ever before!

That record didn't last long! 

Because of the incredible generosity of our members during 2011’s end-of-year fundraiser, Vegan Outreach has been able to print and distribute a record number of booklets during the first six months of 2012. For the Spring term, Adopt a College activists set an amazing distribution record, reaching 894,878 students at 1,013 schools!

That's right: 894,878 students at 1,013 schools! 

These records, and the countless lives changed, are the direct consequence of contributions to Vegan Outreach’s work. If you gave to VO’s end-of-year fundraiser, these are your records.

If you want to inspire even more people to go vegetarian this Fall, there are just a few days left to take advantage of Team Vegan’s double-doubling challenge!

Please click over to the Team and help us put more matching money to work for the animals. The matching pool has been extended to $115,000!

It is easy -- with just two clicks, you can give a contribution to the entire team, or any of the amazing team members, and have your money doubled immediately, and then doubled again on July 1!

With your secure, tax-deductible contribution today, you can create four times the amount of change in the world!

Thanks so much!