Monday, June 4, 2012

"Why Don't You Promote My Diet?"

Vegan Outreach often receives criticism that the meal examples / food items we mention don't measure up. We should promote only whole foods, or raw foods, or cheap foods, or organic / veganic foods, or local foods, or foods sold at vegan-only stores, etc.

As you know, validating or promoting a specific diet isn't Vegan Outreach's purpose. Rather, we seek to reduce as much suffering as possible. People who currently eat animals are the only ones in a position to make changes that help reduce suffering.

Therefore, the information in our booklets and on our main website is primarily aimed at meat-eaters who might be willing and able to consider making changes. There is no point in showing people the revolting hidden horrors of modern agribusiness if the alternative seems unappealing and/or so strange as to be beyond consideration. (Jack offers detailed and honest nutritional information as well.)

As mentioned before, we are asking people to take the first step, rather than promoting the last step. To this end, the information we present seeks to be useful, rather than thorough.


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