Monday, July 9, 2012

Good News, Bad News

As always, bad news for beef is bad news for the chickens; via Paul: McDonald’s: more chicken on the menu. (Keep in mind that not only are chickens much more intensively raised, but also, hundreds are killed to supply the same amount of meat as one beef cattle.)

And here, Jack honestly evaluates all the evidence about fish oil and heart disease.

But our good pal Josh helps bend the arc toward an industry-wide ban on gestation crates -- today, Oscar Mayer! And he also notes one of the best players in the NFL is publicly vegan.

Linda reports: I was able to give 200 Compassionate Choices today in a short time at FIU. They happened to have an orientation day going on so it was pretty busy. Spoke with one student, Robert, who was really happy to get the booklet. He took my contact info and I'm hoping he will leaflet in the future. Also spoke to Bianca and Victor (above) and they said that they love animals. They also took my info after we spoke about the possibility of them starting a club -- maybe with Robert!