Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jack at the Dinner Table

Nick passes along this great summary: The Lone Vegan At The Dinner Table - A Survivor's Guide

It reminds me of a story Jack told years ago, where he was in a "dinner table" situation. Someone asked, "Why don't you eat dairy?" Jack replied with a question: "Why do you think I don't eat meat?"

"Well, I guess you don't want animals to be killed."

Jack: "You are absolutely right. The same is true of dairy -- the male calves are killed almost immediately for veal, and the Mom cow is killed as soon as her production goes down."

In this way, not only does Jack avoid dominating the conversation and/or "preaching," but the person asking the question is both affirmed ("You are absolutely right") and answering their own question. Harder, then, for them to disagree!

Above: Sally at Warped; below, Lesley and Nathan.