Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Message from Jon

I just wanted to again thank you for donating to Team Vegan! ... In total, $255,742 [and counting -ed] was raised for Vegan Outreach, thanks to the generosity of you and other supporters.

As you might know, I spend a big chunk of each year traveling the country for VO, doing outreach on college campuses. One of the most common experiences I encounter is when individuals walk up to me (or any other VO leafleter) and say that they are now vegetarian or vegan as a result of VO's past leafleting. And we continue to get hundreds of veg starter pack requests every month -- many of these from students who got a booklet on campus. As a result of our outreach, the number of eyes being opened to the animals' plight and the number of animals being spared from prolonged misery is vast. Change is happening every day and you are making it happen.

I'm always so heartened when I think of what is involved in a donation. It's someone saying, "I have this. I could use it to do something for myself, but I'm going to use it to ensure that others suffer less and lead a better quality of life." It's the ultimate in human goodness, and it makes it hard for me to be too cynical about the world when I know that people like you exist.

Thanks again for playing such an important role in Vegan Outreach's work! There would be no leaflets, leafleters, or success stories without you. I'm excited to put your donations to use this upcoming year and ensure that they go as far as possible for the animals. Thank you once again!

Sincerely, Jon