Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Warped Tour

John Oberg (above, with Stewart Solomon) reports from the Houston stop:

Current tour stats: 121,697 leaflets at 12 shows between 53 different leafleters with 9 different hosts. Warped Tour is one of the best things to happen to animals in a long time. And let's not forget about the great work that other pro-animal groups on WT are doing -- FARM, peta2, and AFA. We all have each other's backs and it feels damn good to be in this movement.

More John O:
"Such an amazing night of outreach --
including getting a hug from a girl who said,
'Thank you so much for this.
I received one last year at Warped Tour and have been vegetarian ever since!'"

Andy and Nicole make the animals' case!