Thursday, September 6, 2012

All-Time Record Day

John O reports: "Epic day of outreach! At the University of Minnesota, alongside leafleting badasses Fred Tyler, Jeff Johnson, Jenna Cameron, Derek Ritchison, Brandon Collins & Ben B., we set an all-time record for amount of leaflets given out at a college campus, anywhere in the country. Collectively, we distributed 7,600 Vegan Outreach booklets and heard many students say how impacted they were, including Dan (pictured) that was handed a pamphlet last semester and has since reduced the amount of meat he eats for the very reasons listed in the booklet. Great day!"

Note that John personally set an all-time record for the most booklets ever given out by one person in a day: 5,188 Even If You Like Meats and 41 Guides! Wow!

PS -- DCH makes a tribute to JohnO's record: