Friday, September 28, 2012

Feedback from Recent Guide Requests (h/t Brian)

A girl at the farmers' market makes these fabulous vegan cookies, and had rows of Vegan Outreach booklets lined up next to her cookies. I had noticed I was subconsciously eating less meat then usual when I came across these booklets, and knew it was a good choice for me. Being a foodie already familiar with the pleasures of fruits and veggies, I am excited by the challenge of excluding animal products from my diet. Thank you for making the beautifully-designed message that changed my life. It feels good knowing I am a part of a movement bigger than just considering where our food comes from.
-KG, 9/6/12

A girl was passing out booklets at the Made in America Jay Z festival in Philly two weeks ago. I appreciated her efforts to spread awareness. I've been a vegetarian for 6 months, and it's a struggle sometimes, so I found your booklet motivating.
-JJ, 9/11

A young man outside North Dakota State University was handing out booklets, so I had to check it out and immediately supported what I read.
-BH, 9/11

At the Black Hills State University Campus, there was a guy handing out booklets, I took one read it. It broke my heart and was the final straw -- I've always questioned the ways we gather our food and I just can't ignore it any more! Sooo THANK YOU!!!!
-NS, 9/14

Brian G also sends this picture of Brian Heithaus at San Francisco State: