Monday, September 24, 2012

Jon's Team Vegan Message

Jon recently sent this message to all his Team Vegan donors. We thought it was worth sharing with the broader VO audience:

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my Team Vegan pledge. While I was originally scheduled to do the Tough Mudder race, I had to cancel that due to a speaking obligation. But I did run a half marathon the following day, September 9th, and ran it in 1:53:58, about two minutes quicker than my time from last year.

The run was especially meaningful for me, since, earlier in the summer, I was hospitalized with a serious bout of Lyme Disease. I was in ICU for nine days, connected to an IV line and a temporary pacemaker, due to having Lyme-induced total heart block. Yikes! So I was pretty thrilled to cross the finish line of a half-marathon after just getting out of the hospital fewer than eleven weeks prior.

Of course, one of the things that pushed me to do this -- to get back to training after getting out of the hospital -- was that you had invested in my work, and I wanted to exhibit the same devotion to getting well as you do to Vegan Outreach. So thank you for providing an impetus to make this happen.

Our Adopt a College season is off to a roaring start this fall semester! We've got leafleters leafleting up a storm all over North America. Even before the first day of fall, we've given a booklet to over a quarter million students. And we're always hearing from those who have changedtheir diets as a result of this work. On Sunday, I get on the road for 49 days to do this work myself, throughout the south; I'm excited to use your donations to reach thousands of young minds.

Again, thank you for supporting me as a friend, and thanks for continually supporting the work of Vegan Outreach. It means so much to all of us, and none of us ever take your kindness and dedication to animals for granted.