Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Day, Many Results

From Mt. San Antonio College, Kassy, Nikki's amazing intern, reports:

Here is a picture of Cesar Sanchez leafletting like such a champ!! He started leafletting with me after he got a booklet. We then were approached by 3 freshman girls asking if there was an animal welfare club on campus -- the 3rd time today we were asked that! Cesar told the girls he would help them start one!!

Nikki adds:

Today was one of those days. Everything we touched turned into tofu. Morale booster is an understatement. After handing a booklet to a guy at the University of La Verne, a guy behind me called out: "Hey what about me? I wanna help animals." HA! LOVE THE LOVE TODAY!

We were in place by 7:30 and the Earth shifted - not by her plates ... by the consciousness of her most virulent species. Almost immediately a woman stopped to chat when I offered her a booklet. She was asking me what to do to help w/o going veg. While discussing the issue with her, THREE other people came up to listen / discuss this issue too. Kassy held the fort while I took on these eager young folks. In the end, all except one requested a Guide, and one is returning to veg. Hip hip!

Katherine (above) stopped after Kassy handed her a booklet, chatting about how much she loves animals and was excited to hear the veg options and advice from K. Long story short she dropped her bag and grabbed booklets to help for 30 min before her next class. IS A NATURAL TOO!! 

Amazing day!